Cloud Hosted VoIP Services

At MyLabs we believe that staying connected is essential in this day and age which is why all of our VoIP services come with our stay connected guarantee!

For our phone services, we use software created and maintained by our partner Sangoma who has been a major player in the telecommunications sector since 1984!

We at MyLabs also have very strict guidelines on the uptime of servers before a provider is even added to our VoIP hosting consideration list. This is where our other partner Vultr comes in. We have been using Vultr for many years now for all kinds of services ranging from VoIP servers to websites and much more and they haven’t let us down once to date!

When you purchase a Cloud Hosted VoIP package from us we can ensure that we will have your server up and running with main core functionality within 3 business days or 5 days if you require a more bespoke telecommunications solution.

We will source the best SIP provider for your intended purpose and will ensure that your existing phone number gets ported over with minimal downtime if that’s something that would be beneficial to your company.

The pricing for this service can be found below and any additional costs will be listed below the pricing table.

Server Pricing

NameMax Recommended ExtensionsMonthly Bandwidth LimitsCPU CoresPrice
MPBX-2525 Extensions1,000GB1 CPU Core£15 per month
MPBX-7575 Extensions2,000GB1 CPU Core£25 per month
MPBX-200200 Extensions3,000GB2 CPU Cores£40 per month
MPBX-400400 Extensions4,000GB4 CPU Cores£60 per month
We do offer higher tier plans upon request.

Call Pricing

All calls are pay-as-you-go. You will only ever pay for what you use!

Making Calls
UK Landline£0.01/minute
UK Mobile£0.02/minute
UK Mobile (Other)£0.30/minute
UK Premium Services£0.99/minute
UK Special Services£0.25/minute
UK Special Services (Other)£0.04/minute
These prices may fluctuate and are subject to change.
Receiving Calls
Number TypePrice
Toll Free£0.06/minute
These prices may fluctuate and are subject to change.

Number Pricing

All numbers are pay-as-you-go and are cancellable at any time.

Number TypePrice
Local Numbers
Local phone numbers validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection.
Mobile Numbers
Mobile phone numbers validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection.
National Numbers
National phone numbers validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection.
Toll Free Numbers
Toll Free phone numbers validated as spam-free with a 120-day seven-point inspection.

Additional Notices

When first setting up your system there is a £28 per hour fee while we program your system. Should you require us to make any significant changes we will notify you whether any additional fees will be charged and will not move forwards without your acknowledgment.

Our ‘Max Recommended Extensions’ value is our recommendation to you and does not reflect a physical limit on your system. We do recommend that you do not exceed this value to ensure that your system has enough resources to carry out other tasks such as Queues, Voicemail etc.

You will be charged for call costs & phone numbers costs. This will be billed on top of the monthly system pricing. You can find out more about our pricing in the ‘Pricing T’s & C’s’ section below.

MyLabs will combine your monthly server fee with your monthly call & phone number usage so that there is only one invoice for you to worry about. Should you require a SIP trunk report on how much you are spending and which numbers are being dialled from your system just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

We charge £1.00 per month per phone number (however this price can fluctuate depending on the phone number requirements e.g. Toll-free & Premium Service Numbers).

We charge between 1p & 2p per minute on 95% of calls (however this price can change depending on the number dialled, e.g. Toll-free & Premium Service Numbers, in some cases the number that the user called from (callee) can affect the pricing.

We charge an additional fee for number porting however this price is calculated upon request based on the type of number e.g. Toll-free or Premium service numbers.

We do offer recording at the trunk level however we do charge 0.3p per minute for recordings should you require them at the trunk level however this price may fluctuate.

Recordings at the trunk level incur a storage fee of 0.05p per minute per month however this price may fluctuate.

In some cases, you may be charged for additional services that may be used by your system. This will be reflected in your SIP trunking report. We will never sign you up for services that you do not need or do not explicitly ask for.

We are bound by the Terms & Conditions of our SIP trunking partners. By using SIP trunks provided by us and our partners you are bound by these same terms. If you have any questions regarding our partners, just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.

    If you have any questions about our service or pricing of our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.